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Campaign, March 2010 - "Where Have All the Lions Gone?"

In March 2010, LionAid  initiated a campaign in the UK that drove home a powerful message about the survival of lions in the wild.

The message? Lose lions in the wild, and lose them at home. Extinction on the African plains means loss of icons and symbols. Imagine a life without lions, including those you are so used to?

So on March 1st, LionAid embarked on a 12 city tour, covering iconic lion monuments with a black shroud for the day in some of our favourite cities.

Beginning in Glasgow with the magnificent Cenotaph lions in George Square, we continued to cover lions in Blantyre, Blackpool, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Norwich, Bath, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight and culminated in Trafalgar Square with perhaps the most famous lion monuments of all!

In each city, we had a wonderful welcome and met Lord Mayors, Leaders of City Councils, The Lord Provost in Glasgow and the Deputy Sheriff in Norwich.

We also met Andrew Turner, MP in the Isle of Wight and he then went on to secure the debate on lions with us in Parliament on the 17th November.

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In Stanley Park, BlackpoolThe shrouded Birmingham lionsShrouding the lions in BirminghamAn illegal seized lion trophy in Blackpool zoo The Trustees with Shaun from  Blackpool ZooCasper, the white lion at the Isle of Wight Zoo
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An illegal seized lion trophy in Blackpool zoo

An illegal seized lion trophy in Blackpool zoo

The Education Department in Blackpool zoo educates the public to the illegal trade in lion trophies.