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Individually crafted unique ladies Maasai bracelet.Individually crafted unique ladies Maasai bracelet. Ladies Maasai Bracelet

Individually crafted unique Ladies Maasai Bracelet.

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Maasai beaded bracelets are an ancient craft that has been handed down for millenia, from one generation to the next.

The Maasai women sit together to socialise and catch up with the gossip, and all the while they practice this beautiful hobby, passing the skills learnt down to the next generation. These fantastic beaded pieces of jewellery povide a much needed income for the Maasai women and allow them to purchase food, extra clothing for the children and  to supplement the household expenses.

These bracelets are designed to stay on your wrist at all times! You can pretty much do everything with them, including swimming, bathing etc. They are completely water friendly! Think of them like a non-permanent tattoo where your support of the lions and the Maasai is something to wear proudly!


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