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Limited Edition, Individually signed Ricky Gervais printLimited Edition, Individually signed Ricky Gervais printOn the reverse side of the print

Limited Edition, Individually signed Ricky Gervais print

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Ricky Gervais has created a truly magnificent portrait of a Lion's face in oils, for LionAid. We will auction the original at a later date but we are delighted that Ricky has allowed us to make 50 Limited Edition prints from the original artwork. He has individually signed and numbered each one of the 50 prints.

This wonderful painting was created to raise much needed funding for the work LionAid is doing in Africa to prevent the further decline of the rapidly dwindling lion populations.

We are very grateful to both Ricky and Jane Fallon for their compassion for wildlife and their support of LionAid's work and we are in very much in awe of Ricky's artistic talent!  See the related link below to purchase Jan'e Limited Edition print.

Click here to see Ricky's hilarious video camparison of his and Jane's artworks for LionAid.

Every purchase will help us to put in place effective measures to save the iconic lion.


Once these prints are sold, there will be no further copies made. Don't miss the chance to own one of these unique prints.