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"The Story of an Ordinary Lion" by Janet Doolaege"The Story of an Ordinary Lion" by Janet DoolaegeJanet Doolaege

"The Story of an Ordinary Lion" by Janet Doolaege

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Why is Leo the lion sitting on a roof under the stars feeling sad?

It all began in the desert when he got a thorn stuck in his paw. An amazing flying lion appeared and sent Leo to Father Jerome, a kindly monk. Father Jerome healed Leo's paw and then gave him the job of looking after Rebecca the donkey.

Now Rebecca has disappeared! Could it be Leo's fault?

This is the story of Saint Jerome and the Lion is told by the lion himself. It is a tale of tenderness and adventure, with some humour, but what makes it perhaps different from other children's books is its emphasis on communication between animals and humans, and the general importance of translation between languages if there is to be any understanding. (Saint Jerome is, after all the patron saint of translators.) 

 For children aged 7 and up.

Paperback 112 pages 

A percentage of the sales of this book are being donated to LionAid to help us in our ongoing work!