LionAid Sponsored by Worldwide Movers Africa Ltd - Helping Save Lions in Africa

Worldwide Movers Africa Ltd is an international relocation company operating in 15 African countries and they proudly display a lioness as their company logo. Like other responsible companies who recognise how important lion conservation and preservation is, Worldwide Movers Africa has chosen to support the LionAid charity because they can see how our work will actually help save lions.

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Amongst the LionAid work, Worldwide Movers Africa has chosen particularly to support our predator/livestock damage mitigation project work in Africa.

Dead Lions In Africa Killed by Farmers Why is the African predator/lifestock damage mitigation project so important?

This project is unique and will have a really positive impact, helping to save lions because:

Dead sheep with farmers in Africa How much will this project cost and what are the timescales?

The project is likely to cost in the region of just £50,000 for the first pilot for the first year to protect 50 households. Little further input will be required. Importantly additional projects will be cheaper as we can run them simultaneously and will benefit from the experiences of the pilot scheme. We are also looking to drive down the costs via bulk purchase of components.

Managing community expectation will be the hardest thing as so many communities who suffer livestock losses are keen to be included in the scheme. As the first pilot gets underway, many more will hear of the scheme across Africa and wish to be involved. This project is scalable and modular so we can adapt our speed of progress to the financial contributions available. This means that African communities and importantly lions will both directly benefit from every donation!. The scheme will be rolled out to those areas suffering from the highest predation levels so that the best return on investment is achieved.

On Behalf of African Lions LionAid Thank You For Your Support.

We are very grateful to Worldwide Movers Africa for their support to help fundraise for this important project. Worldwide Movers Africa operates in Burundi, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, Somaliland, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and many of these countries will benefit greatly from this predator/livestock damage mitigation project.

Lion and Lioness There are several ways you can help Worldwide Movers Africa and LionAid protect African Lions: