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The primary goal of the LionAid Young Ambassador scheme is to acknowledge the hard work of young people in supporting the conservation of Lions. The Young Ambassador scheme seeks to develop young volunteers from ages of 5 up to 18 by providing them with the responsibility of being an ambassador for such a well established charity such as LionAid.

What is a Young Ambassador?

A Young Ambassador is someone who has a passion for lions and for their conservation, and is keen to contribute towards the work that LionAid does. The role of a Young Ambassador might include:

For more information on becoming an ambassador or to nominate somebody, please contact Matthew Payne.

LionAid Young Ambassadors

  • Isla McCarrick

    Isla McCarrick

    "Having always had a passion for animals, when I first heard that my dad was getting involved with a charity focused on lion conservation, I was quite excited to have a look, so I attended the induction meeting and came back with a few ideas. My school has an International Council that works with towns from across the world, so I suggested the idea to the teacher who runs it and they asked me to give some context. I spoke about it in the next meeting and they thought it was a great idea to get involved! We are currently writing a proposal full of ideas that will go through Bridget before we send it off to the school. We are very excited!" ~Isla McCarrick

  • Millie K Siggins

    Millie K Siggins

    Mille is your average 9 year old girl who enjoys to be outside on long walks through woodlands looking out for signs of local wildlife or walking through the canal networks & wetlands watching either small garden birds or the larger birds around the lakes .. Always with a camera in hand .. Millie has always had a soft spot for Big Cats, her interest began to soar with with Lion Rescues Masrya & Nero and SA wild leopard Orphans Tia & Zora, sending her saved pocket money out for a tasty meal for the Cubs. Millie began taking photographs of the 4 big cats into school sharing with her friends in class & teachers their stories, since being in year 4 subjects for homework such as wildlife in the local environment , choosing one species from Savannah or Rainforest studying the plight of the species and how they have adapted to changes in their habitat, and formulating discussions with the subject being the good/bad of zoos have seen Millie's ability to promote the plight of Big Cats both Wild & in captivity blossom .. Millie is now planning to start a club in school for her class "SpotsKids" and hopes more of her friends will become involved in learning the plight of big cats and how we can effect their future


  • Siena Greenwood

    Siena Greenwood

    Siena Greenwood is a passionate lion advocate who has been campaigning for the rights of lions at her school and within her local community since she first heard about our work in February as we prepared for the Global March for Lions in London. Siena is already in the process of organising her very own LionAid fundraiser at an upcoming Christmas Fayre and we cannot wait to share some pictures of Siena and her fundraiser with you. We are so excited to have Siena as a Young Ambassador, and we know she will be an excellent advocate for the work that LionAid does, and for the plights facing lions.

  • Jack Parkinson-Blackburn

    Jack Parkinson-Blackburn

    Jack Parkinson-Blackburn has been a dedicated supporter of LionAid for a long time now, and as a Speedway Rider who competes all over the country, he carries the LionAid logo on his speedway motorcycle and race suit. We are delighted that Jack is a Young Ambassador for LionAid and we know that he will continue to help use raise much needed awareness for a long time to come.

    "Being a Speedway Rider and riding all over the country it is a privilege to carry the LionAid logo on my fork covers and race suit which will hopefully help to raise awareness of LionAid and the work it does. I couldn't imagine the world without Lions and we need to do everything in our power to save these incredible animals."

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