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The BBC is a bit behind the times?

Wednesday 23rd March 2011

The BBC is a bit behind the times?

Please have a look at this lion range map published by the BBC here.  

Can you see anything wrong here? Shall we start with northern Africa? The map displays many happy lions living in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and even parts of Libya! Guess what – the last known Barbary lion in the wild was shot in 1922. They are extinct in northern Africa.

Then look at the rest of the continent coloured blue. Good grief! Lions are found from Senegal to Somalia and from Khartoum to Cape Town. What could we possibly be worried about?

It is this kind of nonsense that needs to be corrected. One would have assumed the BBC would be accurate and informed. This map is an irresponsible and ludicrous message from a “trusted” source. Get the real picture BBC and be truly informative. All that blue ink on the map needs to be replaced with much more white, to the extent that the blue is hardly visible.

In Africa, many conservation organizations are spending funds on wildlife education programmes. Looks like they need to begin at home.  

Lion range provided by WWF's Wildfinder

Posted by Pieter Kat at 17:39

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