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Canned hunting and sacrificial lions

Tuesday 10th May 2011


Have a look at this YouTube clip of a bow hunter shooting his lion trophy. The hunter in this case is Spanish, and accompanied by a South African guide. It is graphic, but has dramatic background music to entertain you.

Bow hunting is supposed to be a special skill, as you need to stalk the animal undetected and closely to shoot it. Mostly, bow hunters use cutting arrows to inflict injury, and the animal then needs to be followed for a considerable time while it bleeds to death.  Bow hunting is accorded a special status within SCI trophy categories, but as you will see, the reality in this video is a bit different.

The “hunter” is led right up to the lion with many instructions and shoulder taps, the South African guide with his rifle at the ready. This, after all, is dangerous game! But then look at the lion. He lets the “hunter” approach with his party of attendants (including the person who took the video), and lies there content there as he thinks there is no danger. Closes his eyes at times and looks away. Used to humans as he is after all a canned lion. If you listen carefully there are dogs barking in the background – likely from the canned lion homestead.

Then two arrows shot into him, more drama as the lion dies a painful death, followed by a celebration of a great kill. This is not hunting but slaughter. Might as well shoot arrows into a cow in a field. Welcome to the “sport” and the “skill” of canned hunting. 


Posted by Pieter Kat at 18:16

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