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Is it "The Truth About Lions?"

Thursday 12th May 2011

Remember that flawed lion docu-whatever by the BBC? I wrote a comment about their programme (The Truth about Lions) last month that you can see here. It now turns out that the BBC has a bit of history behind such one-sided reporting. It seems that in 2008, the BBC aired a programme called “Lions- Out of Africa?” with Jonathan Scott again as commentator. You can see a YouTube clip of the programme above. 

Note that the commentary says this:


• Researchers in Tanzania have proposed a method of hunting which they believe won’t reduce lion numbers. They recommend hunters should only shoot males over five years old, an age when males have already raised cubs. One way of telling a lion’s age is by the colour of it nose. The blacker the nose, the older the lion. A fully mature 5 year old has a nose at least 50% black.


• Scott comments – “And I can understand the fact that you can create an argument for hunting as a source of revenue to pay for wildlife. Personally I don’t like it, but I’m willing to be convinced if it can be proven that it will preserve wild land. And I think that there are situations in which it can.”



• The 2008 programme is called “A fascinating insight into the disappearing African Lion phenomenon. Is hunting to blame? You decide in this clip from BBC documentary 'Lions - Out of Africa?”


Will the BBC ever get it right or just continue to spend their finances airing programmes that don’t properly address the issues? Nose colour has been dismissed as a guide to lion age. A five or six- year old male lion is just gaining his prime and should not to be shot as a trophy. The model is based on Craig Packer’s computer theory, and is not a reality.  There is so much more the BBC could do, fascinated as they seem to be  about lions. They could actually present a balanced programme, as a start? Write to them and express your dissatisfaction about their programmes. They need to hear from you….

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