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Comments from the peanut gallery

Saturday 12th January 2013

Comments from the peanut gallery

You will doubtless enjoy these statements recently made on the accuratereloading website – a place where hunters pass their drivel. The term “peanut gallery” seemed to have originated in Victorian times and referred to the cheap seats in theatres where an often rowdy crowd would hang out and eat peanuts. More recently the term has taken on a slightly different meaning – the peanut in this case referring to something small and inconsequential – like for example “she was paid peanuts for the job”.

The hunter peanut gallery was reacting to the moratorium announced by Minister Masebo on large cat hunting in Zambia. This is what they had to say about LionAid:

"This just turned up on my FB page. Can anyone cast any further light on this?

Do not trust anything Lionaid puts on their website. They have a history of lying simply to get more donations as well as trying to take credit for outcomes they had no influence over.

Spot on. They actually already took credit for "assisting" in closing "lion hunting" in Zambia. It was on their facebook page the other day. Morons.

You are all absolutely right in what you say but these same morons are still able to advertise their drivel and get both the moral and financial support they want from the rest of the anti-hunting groups, in a far more effective way compared to the efforts (half-hearted) lobbied by the pro-hunting sector.

Folks, get your hunting done as soon as possible as there may be no tomorrow.

Seems that they [LionAid] were right ?!

It is indeed a very sad day for all of us.
I only hope now that countries around do not follow this tremendously wrong move."

Then on another thread the peanut gallery had this to comment:

"[Johnny Rodrigues is] A cunning and deceptive foe. Obviously in it for his own financial enrichment, as are Ian Michler, Dereck Joubert and Pieter Kat. Greedy, manipulative people who have no qualms about lying to further their own selfish agendas, at what will ultimately prove (is proving) to be to the detriment of African wildlife."

And on another thread (they were quite annoyed at this news…)

"What a bloody situation this is!
I just hope it does not start the ball rolling elsewhere!

Bloody Afs [Africans] are as much use as a one legged man at an ar*# kicking party!

Mass Stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can we, as hunters, do to counter-act this nonsense? Is there something that the hunting community can do to reverse this? Is hunting really so fragile that one minister can completely shut it down all on her own? Can nobody over-rule her?

Very Bad News indeed. DLS has a good point,My first thought is "Who Profits" from this decision? Sad to say but there has to be money/graft behind the minister's decision. Is it a matter of a bigger bribe to reverse the decision?

So, so damn sorry to hear this. A crying shame that such Ar*# hole idiots were ever allowed the light of day.

Those of us here in the USA, who might know someone in the diplomatic service who has a connection to the US Ambassador to Zambia? Who knows somebody who can insert themselves to try to mitigate this?

I must say this even puts a damper on my Namibia Leopard hunt in four months. It's like the whole world thinks we are out to exterminate the big cats.

It is but once again that the African proves that he has no concept of cause and effect. Third dimensional fore-thought does not exist."

You will see why I chose this title for the blog. The peanuts are up in arms and accusing all and sundry for destroying Africa’s wildlife except themselves. I particularly enjoy that I am identified as someone greedy, manipulative, selfish, and mendacious. And that Africans cannot be trusted to decide ways forward to conserve their wildlife heritage…it should be left to the trophy hunters

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