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The Stream - the dark side of ivory.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013

This morning, Al Jazeera English put out a transmission entitled “The Stream - The dark side of ivory”. Debating the issue of the alarming escalation of the illegal wildlife trade with host Lisa Fletcher were Julian Rademeyer (investigative journalist & author of Killing for Profit), Dr. Teresa Telecky (Director of Wildlife for Humane Society International) and Quyen Vu (Director, Education for Nature-Vietnam).

Well done to Al Jazeera for focusing attention and debate on the illegal trade in, for example, rhino horn and ivory. This 34 minute broadcast is well worth a listen.

During the debate, we were heartened to hear Lisa raise the subject of polar bears. When Teresa was asked why the WWF would want to oppose the USA and Russia’s proposal to ban trade in polar bear parts, she struggled to find sympathy with the stand the WWF are taking.  Like us (see Pieter’s recent blog here) she found their opposition to this proposal to be a big problem and reminded us all that WWF supports polar bear trophy hunting.

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