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Whilst we all may smile, perhaps a little wryly, as we watch the pot bellied man saunter destructively across the planet, helping himself to all the riches the planet can offer him and nod our heads sagely as we show our agreement of the messages Steve is shouting out to us……

Ask yourself this? What are YOU doing to bring about a hefty change in attitude?

On the last day of 2012, George Monbiot in the Guardian newspaper wrote a powerful article entitled “2012: the year we did our best to abandon the natural world” -  and how right he is.
And as Pieter says in his blog “We continue to allow our natural world to be placed in the hands of those not qualified and/or interested to represent what we believe is our heritage – and that of our children”.


We have a HUGE job to do in 2013 – ask yourself why lions are the ONLY big cat not on CITES Appendix 1 (endangered)?

Will we will mourn the lion when it is gone, but continue to remain silent while it is being killed and indeed facilitate the killing by not being heard?

Please join us now! Your voices and your support WILL make a difference, we promise you….

As George points out:  “Governments care only as much as their citizens force them to care”


If you have not already signed up to our mailing list, you can your name here and keep up to date with our ongoing work and, most importantly, support our work to conserve the remaining fragile lion populations.Thank you.

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