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Meeting with elephant campaigner, Jim Nyamu

Saturday 30th November 2013

Meeting with elephant campaigner, Jim Nyamu

We were very fortunate to have had a wonderful meeting with Jim Nyamu last night in Nairobi.

Jim is very well known for his walks that he undertakes to bring attention to the plight of Kenya’s elephants.

His most recent was a walk from Boston to Washington DC and he is planning another walk from San Francisco to San Diego.

We talked together about a range of issues concerning the conservation of elephants and lions and his passion for educating school children and the need for children and young adults to be able to experience the wildlife of their countries through organisations like the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.

Jim is a man with great passion for elephants and the need to conserve our precious wildlife. We salute his tireless campaigning and wish him well on his next walk.

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