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This is a short presentation from Pieter, to tell you about our successes at LionAid and to thank all those of you who have trusted in us and sponsored our continuing work over the years to save lions.

Time is running out for lions and we need now, more than ever, your support to enable us to take the effective action that is needed to conserve the remaining lion populations in Africa.

There needs be change – change that is necessary to ensure a future for lions. Current conservation programmes for lions are NOT working, no matter how well-intentioned. Official funding for lions is unfortunately on the decrease, in no small part due to the shift to supplying anti-poaching funding for species like elephants and rhinos. 

Wild lions also continue to be trophy hunted, albeit in smaller numbers in recent years due to bans in Botswana and Zambia, the shift to “cheaper” lions available from captive-bred sources in South Africa, and tightening of rules about minimum ages for trophy males. Also, the downward trend is doubtlessly influenced by fewer and fewer lions remaining in hunting concessions, resulting in many cases of trophy hunts taking place on the borders, and even within, nationally protected areas. 

Kenya has been negligent in pushing co-chair Namibia to seriously participate in the Periodic Review of African lion populations requested by the CITES Animals Committee in 2011. Almost three years on, the process seems significantly stalled. We will write to Chairman Solano of the CITES Animals Committee to request his participation in requiring progress.

We have just this week come back from Kenya where we have been working directly with Maasai communities to bring about an innovative and lasting solution to the livestock/predator conflict that has been responsible for the deaths of very many lions over the years. Kenya is estimated to lose over 100 lions a year as a consequence of such conflict. Yet the Kenya Wildlife Service has not changed their official estimate of 1,970 lions in Kenya since 2008, and this needs urgent attention.

This new project will bring big change  to the way communities can protect their livestock from predator attacks.

It will be their project, the constitution will be decided by them , administered by them and the benefits of the scheme will accrue to them. 

Help us put the power back into their hands on their land with their livestock. Help us help them to live in harmony with the lions on their land.

To make the difference, get involved because when you support LionAid, you support lions.

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