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We are proud to be a conservation partner with Bright Wave Insurance

Monday this week saw the launch of a new Insurance company – Bright Wave!

And a very bright wave it is too! Here we have a company that has decided from the outset to dedicate part of its profits to causes they care about. 

We congratulate the founders of Bright Wave. In their own words they say this:

“we have a passion for the natural world and we spotted an opportunity to help our customers raise much needed funds for causes that were close to their hearts. 

So every time you take out an insurance policy with us, Bright Wave will donate 25% of our commission earnings to one of our nature, wildlife or conservation partners. All you have to do is choose which one. It’s that simple.”

Run by the son of Norton Insurance founder, Mark Wilkinson and Dave Gardiner, the pair come with a wealth of Insurance experience, offering “good products at great prices with fantastic customer service” and luckily for us, they also have a shared love of the natural world.

By choosing Bright  Wave for your Insurance needs, you have a unique opportunity to help LionAid with critical funding – and it won’t cost you a penny! In fact, Mark and Dave will be working very hard to save your hard earned cash by delivering the best products at very competitive quotes and outstanding old fashioned personal customer service.

Sounds like a win-win to us!

Please support this worthy company. They are a trail blazer and are really are taking their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. Many companies use the term CSR in their marketing, but not many demonstrate such an honest, straightforward commitment as Bright Wave!

A wonderful way to ensure peace of mind and save lions!!

You can contact them on a dedicated phone number for LionAid supporters on 0121 248 9499


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