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Global March for Lions 15th March 2014

Friday 28th February 2014

Global March for Lions 15th March 2014

NEWS 13/03/2014

A message of support for the Global March for Lions from Lennox Lewis 

Lennox Lewis

We are delighted to receive the following message about canned lion hunting from Lennox Lewis (nicknamed "The Lion"), the former world heavy weight boxing champion:

 "LionAid -I think this practice is despicable. this is not hunting and those who pay for the opportunity to kill these majestic animals are cowards!"  

Thank you Lennox! Your support is greatly appreciated.

NEWS 10/03/2014

LionAid are delighted today to have received the following message from Simon King in support of the Global March for Lions:

Simon King"The African Lion. No other creature embodies the qualities of power, charisma and beauty quite like it. And all over South Africa, lion breeding facilities offer visiting guests the opportunity to walk with and pet these unique symbols of wild majesty. But the tragic truth is that the majority of these same captive lions are being bred for one thing and one thing only; to suffer an ignominious fate at the hands of a hunter who is prepared to pay to snuff the spark of life from the king of beasts, and to do so in a confined area.

Everything about the loathsome practice of canned hunting is wrong. It promotes the dangerous sense of dominion that some humans have over all other living things. It promotes the industry of killing these apex predators whose very existence in the wild is itself under threat, and whose wild populations have been, and still are, the target of hunting safaris in many countries in the African continent. It sends the message to all communities in Africa that the lion is a commodity that may be exploited for personal gain or eradicated if it presents a hurdle to human development. And, perhaps the most obscene feature of canned hunting, is that it betrays the trust of an animal, raised in captivity believing its captors were its friends and allies, only to be violently killed by the mindless actions of another human being.
There is no place in our global society for this obscene practice. Canned hunting must end, and it must end today."

Simon King OBE

NEWS 03/03/2014

Roger Cook small imageWe are delighted to have been in contact with Roger Cook whose award-winning "Cook Report" broadcast on British Television a programme called “Making a Killing” on the 6th May 1997. For the first time, it brought the hideous canned lion hunting industry in South Africa to the world’s attention with Roger Cook posing as a tourist hunter, to be taken on a hunt for lions and specially imported tigers.

Roger cannot be with us on the March as he is recovering from surgery, but he has taken the time to write an important message. 

Read the full: Roger Cook and the "Cook Report" article.

Further news, details of the March and the London Route continue below. Be sure to read the sections on how the vile Canned Hunting Industry works in South Africa and the legality of canned hunting in South Africa.

NEWS 01/03/2014

John RendallWe are delighted that John Rendall (remember his famous reunion with Christian the Lion?) is flying in from Kenya, especially to march with us at the Global March for Lions on the 15th March 2014. John will say a few words at the end of the March, once we reach South Africa House/Trafalgar Square.

John has already sent this message of support:

"Dear Lion Aid

 Congratulations on your continued efforts to raise public awareness in the crisis facing lions.

Rhinos and Elephants are very much on peoples’ radar thanks to high profile events like the recent conference at Lancaster House, due to the input of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge, but lions are being overlooked.

There are more Rhinos in the wild than there are lions!

I am currently in Kenya but will be back for your March where I look forward to meeting LionAid supporters.

Well done LionAid

John Rendall


George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust"

THANK YOU JOHN! - We look forward to marching with you on the day in support of lions and to call for a ban on canned hunting.


Details of the March and the London Route continue below. Be sure to read the sections on how the vile Canned Hunting Industry works in South Africa and the legality of canned hunting in South Africa.


                        On March 15th 2014, the world will unite in a Global March for Lions.

Join us - be a voice for our lions. Let’s restore their pride - in the wild - as nature intended. Help us to ban canned hunting – an international disgrace.

We will call on our governments to BAN the deplorable Canned Hunting Industry. We will raise awareness to educate the rest of the world regarding every stage of the life-cycle of torture of a canned lion.

The world needs to know - stop supporting the cub-petting & walk with lions experience – the first steps of untold misery for cubs ripped away from their mothers soon after birth. 

The fraudulent luring of ignorant volunteers who pay for the “privilege” to “care for” the cubs – all destined to be killed in an enclosed camp where they will have no way of escape. Often shot numerous times to prevent "spoiling" the trophy with a shot in the head, which will be mounted on a foreign wall and the bones exported to Asia for bogus medicine - all for top dollar. 

Join us and help us expose this crime – a crime against the very essence of morality. A crime against nature, a crime against Africa, a crime against humanity!

Details of the London March

Kick-Off 3pm on Saturday 15th March 2014.

There will be EIGHT march routes!

These routes will ALL finish outside South Africa House, Trafalgar Square area. Our end location specifics will be clarified soon, just awaiting more confirmation from Westinster Council.

The following are the STARTING POINTS of these "mini-marches" ...

  • WESTMINSTER BRIDGE (opposite side)  

        route: Westminster Bridge - over bridge & turn right - Victoria Embankment - along &                     left onto - Northumberland Avenue into Trafalgar (keep left on Northumberland Avenue)

  • WATERLOO BRIDGE (opposite side)

        route: Waterloo Bridge - over bridge - left onto Victoria Embankment - right turn onto                   Northumberland Avenue (keep right) - into Trafalgar Square


        route: Leicester Square - along & turn right onto Charing Cross road - into Trafalgar Square


        route: Parliament Square - through Whitehall - into Trafalgar Square


        route: Buckingham Palace - The Mall - into Trafalgar Square


        route: St James Square - left onto Pall Mall - into Trafalgar Square


        route: London University - Strand - Trafalgar Square


        route: Palladium Theatre - Wardour Street - down into Trafalgar

All exact details will be arranged, such as each assembley point & march route guidance etc. Assembly time is approx 2pm to march at approx 3pm.


We would like at least TWO people to help guide & steward each of these groups. (no more than 50 people per route) Please note: Due to the volume of people attending the March, we will likely use the pavements on both sides of the road to make sure there are no more than 50 people setting off at any one time.

As Stewards, your only responsibility will be to organise your small group on the day, be responsible, know the route you are walking & simply lead them to Trafalgar without disturbing other pedestrians on the pavement. Please be confident you can do this, everyone will help and the atmosphere will be supportive. 

We will organise attendees into their designated routes, you simply steward & help on the day whilst you march with us.

Note: no more than 50 people can be in these "mini-marches", so walking your route is easier & is within our agreed limited with the council. 

Click this link to read more about how the vile Canned Hunting Industry works in South Africa.

Click this link to read about Canned Hunting Legality in South Africa. Yes, believe it or not, canned lion hunting is perfectly legal but the life of the lion is completely geared towards its pre-destined death.


If you would like to sign up to join us on the London March, then you contact us here or you can sign up on the Global March for Lions London Facebook page here.

This page will be updated regularly with further news about the March so keep checking in......

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