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Tomorrow we acknowledge World Lion Day

Saturday 9th August 2014

Phil Yates lion print

Notice that we did not say “Tomorrow we celebrate World Lion Day”.

There is little to celebrate. Every time an actual census is taken in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania… lion numbers decrease from what we were told was there in the past.

Some still think that there are over 30,000 lions in Africa. Think again.
Are even 15,000 lions on the huge African continent to be celebrated?


We are in a big crisis for lions. One of our most iconic species will soon be gone.

There are positive things we can do. We should have done them 20 years ago, but now here we are in 2014 – and the lion lights are going out all over.

Is there hope?

Yes there is. It will require hard work and lots of energy. We at LionAid do this every day.
And you can help too.

Starting tomorrow:

  • Shout LION from the rooftops and ask us all the questions you need to, until you understand the full extent of the crisis facing lions. Look at our leaflet here
  • Find out about our campaigns and donate to the work we are doing
  • Write to your MP and MEPs and ask for their support to ban the importation of lion trophies – there are template letters on our website
  • Tell all your friends and family about the crisis and get them to help too
  • Participate in some of the events we organise – it creates more awareness and raises funds
  • Join in our fun events - get sponsored!
  • Stand up and be counted for lions

We wish you all a wonderful World Lion Day – it will be if you join the cause now and help us stop the decline of Africa’s most iconic species.

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If you have not already signed up to our mailing list, you can add your name here and keep up to date with our ongoing work and, most importantly, DONATE to support our work to conserve the remaining fragile lion populations. Thank you. 

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