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Blood Lions


Two bits of good news!

Blood Lions will be shown in the UK for the first time at 10pm this evening on the Discovery Channel.

If you are in the UK, WATCH IT!!!! Great to see this transmission hitting the screens in the UK!! It will wake a lot of people up to this horrific industry and we look forward to many more people voicing their protest that lions are cruelly treated and basically bred for the bullet in South Africa.

Second bit of good news:

Carib ToursI contacted Carib Tours in the UK about their promotion of a hotel in Mauritius that was advertising "walking with lions".

On hearing the truth about "walking with lions", Carib Tours took immediate action to make sure the walking with lions option was dropped from this hotel experience.

In the words of their Head of Commercial:

"I'm grateful you highlighted this issue to us, as a result of which we will endeavour to make our hotel and tourism partners in all relevant destinations more aware of what is involved and the effects they have. As a responsible tourism operation it is the least we can do".

Absolutely fantastic!! Well done Carib Tours. 










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