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LionAid was approached this morning with information that the first lion captures of this year started yesterday in Zimbabwe. We are told that three lions, which were taken from Hwange National Park, are already in cages awaiting shipment to China.

There are huge concerns about the number of lions left now in Zimbabwe, especially in Hwange. There are indications that there are simply not enough to form a sustainable basis and the few remaining animals may well become inclined to become aggressive towards humans.

There is also an expectation that the capture of elephant calves may resume around March.

We will update once this has been substantiated.


Posted by Chris Macsween at 17:29

Wendy Finn
27th January 2016 at 16:33

When the hell are we going to wake up. Is China not aware what they are doing. They are draining our oceans (shark fins & Whales). Lions, Rhinocerous.

We need to wake up.

So very sad that our childrens children might miss out on all this beauty and we are doing nothing about it. Our governments have to step in and stop this now.

Donca Vianu
29th January 2016 at 15:38

Please start a petition. I am sure hundreds of people will sign.

Wendy, I agree with you: Our governments have to put pressure on China through economic restrictions. Yet China is a super power, not easy to pressurize.
So all depends on our grassroots movement, how much we are able to get the support of our own governments.
Chinese went through the cultural revolution, their soul is destroyed. They will never 'wake up,' they just cannot. Only economic sanctions can make them refrain and save our planet's kings and queens of the animal kingdom.

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