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ChristianLast November there was a fantastic exhibition in Australia of Christian the Lion Prints. The lion prints as donated and photographed by Derek Cattani were exhibited at the Mosman Gallery, and with narration by Ace Bourke, co-owner of Christian, to raise awareness of the plight of lions. The event was hugely successful and we were absolutely delighted to be be a beneficiary of some of the revenue raised in print sales. Thank you so much for this support! These funds raised will go towards our work to save the iconic lion, a species in freefall decline with maybe less than 13,000 wild lions left now in Africa. Wonderful to see Christian's legacy continuing to help his fellow lions in Africa.

If anyone would like to purchase a print of Christian the Lion and his life in London in 1970, please click here and mention LionAid. A percentage of sales will then go to LionAid.


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