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Whether it’s a photograph of a lion in the wild or your domestic cat in the garden we are looking for your favourite cat photographs.

We will be considering not one, but 14 winning photographs for a very special place in LionAid’s 2023 calendar.

Photographs of lions taken in cages, enclosures or pens are not allowed and images of cats should have been taken outside – we will not accept photos where the animal has been restrained.

Other examples of cat species:

  •          Big cats in the wild, Tigers, lions, leopards, pumas and cheetahs
  •          Other wild cats, lynx, bobcats, servals
  •          Domestic cats

Competition Entry

By entering this competition you agree to these terms and conditions herewith, set out by LionAid, and to fully comply with them.

You can enter up to 5 images per person, at £5 per image.

How to enter

The competition opens from midday 26th September 2022 and then closes midnight 24th October 2022. 

Email entries to please include your name, email and phone number. Please also include the liability quote at the bottom of the terms and conditions*



Derek Cattani (Christian the lion’s award winning photographer and LionAid Trustee)

Peter Haygarth (award winning wildlife photographer)

Both judges will choose 14 winning photographs.

All photographs will be judged on the following criteria:

  •   Composition
  •   Technical ability
  •   Originality
  •   Public appeal
  •   Is it on theme i.e taken in the wild or garden if a domestic cat
  •   Suitability for inclusion in the LionAid calendar

The image should be of high resolution, minimum of 1536 x 1024 pixels and in a JPEG format. Poor resolutions cannot be accepted into the competition.

We are aware that digital photography does allow for some image enhancement. You can enter images that have had spots, scratches or other blemishes removed. Work on the colour or enhancement of the image for the sake of the composition, is also acceptable and you may crop the image to improve composition.

We will not accept composite images - entries that stitch two or more separate photographs together to make one image, or entries that superimpose elements photographed separately onto an image.

We want you to stay faithful to the spirit of the competition, and never deceive the viewer or misrepresent the aspect of nature being portrayed.

Entrants must not be professional photographers. For the purposes of this competition, a professional photographer will be considered to be someone who makes more than half their annual income from the sale of their photographs.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. We are looking for original photographs, so entries must not have previously won any National or International competitions.

Photographs cannot be submitted then withdrawn and replaced for an alternative photograph.

 LionAid’s decision as to the eligibility of individual photographs will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Winner Announcements

Winners will be announced before the 7th November 2022 on LionAid’s social media and all winners will be contacted via email.


Due to time constraints, unfortunately unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted and no feedback on any entries will be provided.


Usage Rights

LionAid will retain copyright to use the winning images for publishing purposes.

While we make every effort to credit photographers, including printed reproductions of their work, we cannot guarantee that the use of the photographs will include the photographers' names.

Data Protection

We will keep your details on a secure database to enable LionAid to use your photographs. We will also send you updates on the photography competition and other LionAid information. We will not pass your details onto a third party.

Indemnity and limitation of Liability

LionAid takes no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by you entering this competition.

Any copyright infringement is not acceptable and the photograph must have been taken by the entrant*

Prize of the competition

The prize is having your winning photograph on one of the 14 pages of our 2023 LionAid calendar.

Calendars will be on sale in November 2022, with delivery in December 2022.


Liability quote when you email your entry

*Include within the email entry the following wording to make clear this photograph is the entrant’s original work

“I certify that I (the entrant) have taken this photograph and it has not been taken from anyone else’s photography work to enter this competition”

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