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LionAid interview with TRTWorld Television

Wednesday 1st February 2017

In the light of the recent WildCru report for the UK Government in support of lion trophy hunting as a valid conservation tool, TRT World, an International news platform of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation chose to feature the plight of lions as part of their Insight programme.

We were delighted to be asked to participate in this feature and both Pieter and myself were invited to contribute.

If you feel strongly that the UK should no longer allow the importation of lion trophies into this country, then please join our campaign by writing to your MP today (if you are resident in the UK) to make your feelings known.

We have provided a template letter for you to use and click here to get full details and to locate the name and address of your local MP.

So far, we know of 53 letters that have been sent to UK MPs (click here to read which MPs have been contacted so far) and we would like to see very many more of you joining in this campaign. It will work if enough people take the time to do this. Please let us know which MP you wrote to so we can add the name to the online list we have created.

There is to be a rountable discussion for MPs in Westminster in the coming weeks, where LionAid will present the scientific evidence to show the true plight of lions today. We hope all the MPs contacted will attend this discussion and we will publish the date as soon as we have it to hand.

The aim of the campaign is to bring enough pressure on the UK Government to honour its pledge to LionAid to bring the UK in line with the new US regulations on lion trophies or even better, to follow the excellent examples of Australia, France and the Netherlands and ban the importation of lion trophies altogether.

Please help if you can. Your input will make a difference for lions.


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