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Why conservation is our duty

Tuesday 1st February 2011

Why conservation is our duty

Focusing on immediate events often sidetracks all of us. For me, the recent visit to the UK prioritised meetings with Members of Parliament, wildlife artists, organizers of events and websites, etc. All good and positive, but the highlight of the visit was the half hour I spent with the children at St. Peter’s CE  Primary School in Folkestone. Kids ranging in age from six to ten. Chris had been to the school before and given them a great talk about lions, and we were there to collect a donation to LionAid the children had raised from their Christmas Fair. I was asked to talk to them during their assembly, and that was my eye-opener.

Chris had already told me to expect some very enthusiastic children. But they exceeded anything I could have anticipated. They were literally burning with eagerness to know more about lions, and a forest of hands was raised at every comment I made. I gave up on the impromptu speech and just enjoyed answering all their questions. Or at least to try, as there were hundreds. Including, much to the amazement of her teacher, many from a girl with special needs who very rarely spoke. Far too soon assembly time was over, and I was rewarded with hugs.

So this is what conservation is all about. Children who are excited and impatient to see a wild lion. And that was just a small school in a small town in a small country. Imagine, as I did, the millions of children like them in the world. They all want to see a lion living in the wild, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they can.

Our generation has made a mess of things to say the least. We have global warmed, we have endangered and driven species to the brink of extinction, we have not paid very much attention. If we continue along this self-serving and greedy course, the children of St. Peter’s and a myriad of other schools will inherit a sadly diminished world.

As St. Peter’s was a Church school the assembly ended with a prayer. It was a very relevant one that echoes across all religions and faiths and to all people with morals. We should only be forgiven our trespasses on the earth’s biodiversity if we can amend our ways. Our children should inherit an earth that is richer than the one we inherited and that should not be trespassed against. It will take effort and commitment and dedication. With our will it can still be done, and LionAid will pursue any avenue to ensure lions will be there for the children of St. Peter’s school and all others. It is their right and our duty.

Photo credit – Chris Harvey

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