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Diane Keen
Tomorrow we are off to our first meeting with Diane Keen, the award winning British actress who played Julia Parsons in British TV Drama, Doctors, for many years and of course is well remembered for her starring roles in 1970’s sitcoms! 

Diane was born in London but grew up in Africa, first in Tanzania and later in Kenya. Diane considers Africa to be her spiritual home and she has said that if she wasn’t working as an actress, she would be working in conservation.

In her own words “I think we all have our place in the bigger picture, and a role to play in looking after it.”

We are absolutely delighted that she has agreed to become a Patron of LionAid and feel there are many areas where her ambassadorial talent will be of enormous benefit to our work.

Diane, we salute you and we are very much looking forward to working with you in LionAid for the betterment of the planet, and in particular for the place that lions deserve to keep within it.

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