Latest Lion Aid News


Recently we were honoured to be invited to attend the Kent International Scout Jamboree, together with 8,000 scouts from all over the world.

When scouts visited our stand, we invited them to answer a series of questions on lions and rewarded the winners (actually all of them) with sweets from our popular sweetie jar! It was a fun exercise with all the possible answers jumbled up on a big whiteboard and the all the scouts needed to do was find the correct answer! It turned out to be a popular activity and hopefully many scouts went home understanding a bit more about lions than maybe they knew when they first arrived!

We were also invited to give a presentation on lions which was both filmed and streamed live so that scouts unable to attend were still able to watch the talk.

You can watch the recording above and if any school or college is interested in taking part in one of our talks, we give interactive presentations over skype for both children and adults on a regular basis across the world! Contact us on if you would like more information on these sessions.

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