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Fabulous Felines Photographic Competition

Monday 26th September 2022

2023 Calendar


LIONAIDS PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION opening September 26th 2022 to 24th October 2022

"Fabulous Felines"

All your amazing images of domestic cats and cats in the wild are welcome!

We will be considering not one, but 14 winning photographs for a very special place in LionAid’s 2023 calendar. We are also this year awarding 1st place a signed A4 size print of Christian the Lion, taken by Derek Cattani.

Photographs of lions taken in cages, enclosures or pens are NOT allowed and images of cats should have been taken outside – we will not accept photos where the animal has been restrained or harnessed.

Other examples of cat species:

  •          Big cats in the wild, tigers, lions, leopards, pumas and cheetahs
  •          Other wild cats, lynx, bobcats, servals
  •          Domestic cats

So let’s impress our awesome judging panel and get clicking those cameras to be in with a chance of being one of LionAid’s photography winners 2023!!

Maybe you have a photograph that is just right for a certain month of the year? We can’t wait to see your entries!

 Our judging panel:

                    Derek Cattani                                     Peter Haygarth                           

             DEREK CATTANI                                              PETER HAYGARTH

Trustee and award winning photographer                             Award winning wildlife photographer

      for Christian the Lion.


All proceeds going to LionAid and supporting Lions in the wild.


Please read the terms and conditions here


How to enter

The competition opens from midday 26th September 2022 and then closes midnight 24th October 2022. 

Email entries to Please include your name, and phone number. Please also include the liability quote at the bottom of the terms and conditions *

 (*Include within the email entry the following wording to make clear this photograph is the entrant’s original work “I certify that I (the entrant) have taken this photograph and it has not been taken from anyone else’s photography work to enter this competition”)

Entry fee is £5.00 per photograph ( maximum of 5 can be entered. Submit your entry fee below and email your photographs to GOOD LUCK!!!




Enter your photographs into the competition

This year, because of the huge demand for the calendars we experienced last year, we are giving everyone the opportunity to pre purchase your 2023 calendar straightaway!!

Last year we ran out of calendars within a week and we sadly had to disappoint a huge number of people who wanted to buy the finished calendar.

The winning images which made up the 2022 Calendar is shown beow:

Calendar 2

So, if you would like to make sure you will get a calendar this year, you can purchase your calendar below. The price remains £14.99 per calendar plus postage and packing. BUT we are currently offering a 10% DISCOUNT for all pre-purchases. So buy now for a unit price of £13.49 plus postage and packing.

Please choose the correct Paypal button to make your purchase, depending on how many calendars you would like to buy and whether you want the calendar(s) shipped to the UK, Europe, USA or Australia.


PRE-PURCHASE SALES TO THE UK. Choose the number you want to purchase from the dropdown box:


2023 Calendar plus P&P UK

PRE-PURCHASE SALES TO EUROPE. choose the number you want to purchase from the dropdown box:

2023 Calendar plus P&P UK

PRE-PURCHASE SALES TO THE USA. Choose the number you want to purchase from the dropdown box:

2023 Calendar plus P&P UK


2023 Calendar plus P&P UK

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