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I’m proud to be Dutch today!

It was announced yesterday by the Dutch Secretary of State for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Martijn Van Dam that the Netherlands will NO LONGER IMPORT LION TROPHIES. For good measure, Mr Van Dam threw other species into the ban including rhino, elephant, cheetah, hippo and polar bear. The Cabinet decision also included a call to all EU countries to follow suit – France has already made a similar decision. And of course Australia began the charge.

This decision had been brewing for some time, and LionAid is proud to have played a part in it. The Netherlands Coat of Arms (above) gives an indication of the cultural importance of lions in my country.  

And we are happy that the announcement came just in time for our March for Lions in London tomorrow! UK Prime Minister David Cameron will now be digesting this news from Holland and it will make our letter calling for a ban on lion trophy imports into the UK to be delivered to 10 Downing Street at the end of the march even stronger.

Bedankt Nederland!

1 day to go

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