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Skeletal lion

Starved after chewing off his left paw


This lion in Zambia was caught in a bushmeat snare. The lion chewed off his paw to escape and subsequently starved almost to death. He was shot by a hunter to alleviate his suffering – not sure whether he nevertheless became a “trophy”. Skeletal lion 2

Bushmeat poaching is out of control in many areas of Africa. Countless NGOs make patrols and collect snares, but snares re-appear in short order as the poachers themselves are rarely caught. We have advocated disabling the snares but leaving them in place to catch the poachers when they come to check their “catch”….

So far this has fallen on deaf ears it would seem.

But we must find better ways to prevent bushmeat poaching. It has only escalated over the years, and it is not only lions that suffer the consequences.


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