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This week we travelled to Jacksonville,Florida to meet with the wonderful  Adam Sugalski, founder of One Protest Inc and his lovely wife Wendy, to discuss with them how LionAid and One Protest Inc can collaborate to save some of the world's endangered wildlife.

We first met Adam through social media when he lent his considerable talent to supporting our Lion March at the end of April 2016. One Protest joined us as one of the six charities collaborating to urge the UK Government to ban the importation of lion trophies.

We are therefore delighted to be in Jacksonville now to support Adam and Wendy in their protest against the proposed Florida Black bear hunt, a decision on which is due to be taken next week by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

It has never been more important for like minded organisations to come together to share their considerable talents and show a united front, when faced with the implacable attitudes of those in power who choose not to see the impact of poorly formulated policies that lead to the destruction of our precious wildlife  

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A big brand name in the conservation of wildlife (with usually a big overhead structure to maintain) is not necessarily the preferred driving force to win the day for wildlife. What matters more is the synergy that can be created when two responsive, adaptable and scientifically guided organisations work together to produce a fighting force greater than the sum of both parts.

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