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On the 22nd and 23rd June 2024, Action Challenge are running their Cotswold Way Challenge . Click here to read all about it and sign up.

Once again, LionAid are going to participate in this event and so far, we have five people signed up to take part.

Three ladies are walking the 1st Quarter Challenge – this takes place on Saturday the 22nd June 2024, a 24K walk from Cirencester to Painswick.

Action Challenge tell us “the route is a tough section with steep ascents and descents taking you into the heart of this beautiful landscape”.

Two guys are doing the full continuous 100k route – this takes place on the 22nd and 23rd June 2024, starting and finishing in Cirencester.

Action Challenge tell us “setting out from Cirencester on the Saturday morning heading north into the rolling green hills of the Cotswolds. There is 2,250m of ascent – with undulating climbs, which whilst testing your legs will reward you with some breath-taking views. Our continuous challenge will see you stopping every 12-13km for stops and refreshments, with a main half way stop in Wotton, before heading back towards Cirencester.”


There are other options available as well on this Challenge:

  •          Full 2-day daylight 100km (22nd and 23rd June 2024) – again starting and finishing in Cirencester.
  •          Three quarter Challenge 76km (22nd and 23rd June 2024) – starting in Painswick and finishing in Cirencester.
  •          First half Challenge 53km (22nd June 2024) – starting in Cirencester and finishing in Wotton.
  •          Second half Challenge 47km (22nd and 23rd June 2024) – starting in Wotton and finishing in Cirencester.
  •          Second quarter Challenge 29km (22nd June 2024) – starting in Painswick and finishing in Wotton.
  •          Cirencester 10km (22nd June 2024) – a looped 10km route from the Cirencester basecamp.


Various members of the LionAid team have participated in several of these Challenges now over the last eighteen months or so, and we can tell you that the organisation is superb and Action Challenge really look after you!! And it’s a great experience and provides the walkers with wonderful memories to look back on. Don’t miss it!!


WHY DON’T YOU JOIN US? We are a team called the Cotswold Cubs and the password to join that team is "lionroar". We look forward to meeting you and walking with you!!

We are raising money to help LionAid’s work and every pound raised helps the charity achieve its aims.

Soon, we will publish a Just Giving page so you can donate to support the team as we once again don our hiking boots and come together to walk in the UK’s glorious countryside.

Or donate here and now. Click the link to add your support!

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