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Evergreen Insurance Services ran an advent competition, asking for nominations to win a £1,000 award from among their 26 partner charities.
We are delighted to say that we won this award and would like to thank both the Evergreen team and all those people who nominated LionAid as their preferred charity partner.
This money will help us as we continue to battle for lions. Our work today includes:

  1.  Lobbying the UK and EU nations to ban the import of lion hunting trophies.
  2. Collaborating with African lion range states’ Wildlife Authorities to conduct lion population counts in remaining lion “strongholds”.
  3. Encouraging African lion range states to implement lion conservation measures, especially programmes to reduce human/lion conflict.
  4. Educating school children globally via remote presentations on the plight and conservation needs of Africa’s lions.
  5. Working closely with conservation partners to end South Africa’s captive breeding of lions for trophy hunting purposes and the lion bone trade to Asian nations

Watch the video  as Evergreen announce LionAid as the winner and find out why LionAid have found this company to be a superb insurance partner:

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