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A huge thank you to those of you who have responded so wonderfully yesterday to our call for donations to help us reach our fundraising target of £65,000.

We’ve added in another £2,000 as a result which means we can help two more families in Merrueshi, Kenya equip their cattle enclosures (bomas) to make them predator proof.

What does that mean?

It means that the blinking lights we can put round these bomas will deter lions and other predators from attacking their livestock. That means these families won’t go out to retaliate by killing lions and it means they start to recover their lives and begin the climb out of poverty for themselves and their children.

It’s a big deal.

We all take for granted the fact that we turn on the tap and we get water. We all take for granted that we press a light switch and we have light. We all take for granted that we go to the supermarket and buy foodstuffs to keep us healthy.

These are impossible “luxuries” for these rural communities. Your support can help them rebuild their and their children’s lives. The solar panels used to power the blinking lights around the bomas, will also give them light in their homes. Their livestock are their wealth and their source of milk for the family needs.

We still need a lot more funding before we reach our target – for example this community desperately needs a borehole to bring much needed water for their school and to give their children proper toilet facilities. We need to vastly improve the school buildings so that these children will once again go to school and start to get a valuable education to give them all the opportunities they deserve.


PLEASE HELP. Your donations will make a big difference to what we can achieve when we go out there.

And lions and other predators need the right to live in peace, co-existing alongside these rural communities.



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