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Is Lion Aid entirely commited to the cessation of trophy hunting?

 Lion trophy hunting is a complex issue is some ways and a very simple issue in others. The hunting arguments are basically these:

  • Trophy hunting operations (not just shooting lions) say they lease very large tracts of land across Africa, and by so doing protect wildlife that would otherwise be confined to nationally protected areas. In fact, the lease areas exceed the protected areas in additive size in many countries.
  • The hunting community says that if commercial value through hunting is not placed on wildlife, such land will revert to cattle and/or crops, and much wildlife will be lost.
  • The hunters say they aid communities and governments with substantial income by their sustainable activities, and therefore engender a conservation value for wildlife.

 Our arguments are these:

  • Lions must be voluntarily removed by the hunting community as a recognition of a very drastically declining species. The trophy hunters have been very reluctant to do so, and are only guided by legislation from the countries themselves.
  • The hunters have hunted excessively and with no regard to the future of the species. This is by no means an unusual approach to commercial utilisation of natural resources – just look at continued felling of forests, fishing for cod and bluefin tuna, and trade in ivory, tigers, rhino horn.
  • We engage with trophy hunters to desist voluntarily from hunting lions at all, to actually do the good they say in their PR for communities, and to carefully consider how fragile the animals are that are harvested.





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