LionAid Trustees, Supporting Lion Conservation

Mark Zaretti

Mark Zaretti LionAid In 2011 Mark got involved in supporting LionAid as a corporate sponsor providing website and media services and consulting after he learned about the shocking plight of lions. He decided that it was time to really do something to make a difference. In 2014 Mark became a trustee of LionAid. As a busy consultant working internationally as a film maker, photographer and creative designer he appreciates how precious time is but he gladly gives his time, expertise and support to LionAid because in his own words "I chose to get more involved with Lionaid because I could see that every donation actually goes towards saving lions and LionAid's approaches and projects are by far the most intelligent and inclusive. Like many people I'm a bit cynical of some charities, but I'm proud to help LionAid because they're doing excellent work."

Peter Cross

Pieter Kat LionAid Peter has spent the majority of his career in management in the automotive and distribution industry. He first came across LionAid on twitter and has been following their story since about 2011 and became more involved after becoming a trustee in June 2013. A strong advocate of conservation and wildlife he supports the team by raising awareness of the importance to work fast to save lions as time is of the essence.

Matthew Payne

Matt Payne LionAid Matt Payne's Book - A Fathers Pride Matthew is the Founder of the conservation education website So What? and the author of the young book "A Father's Pride" which is aimed at raising awareness about the canned lion hunting industry. Matthew is passionate about educating the next generation about lions conservation through LionAid's innovative Kids for Lions project.

Paul Christian

Paul Christian - Lionaid Trustee Paul has been interested in wildlife all his life and started the popular Protect All Wildlife blog on Twitter and Facebook in 2012. It was through this that he realised the extent of poaching and other wildlife crime. He is 'foster parent' to orphan Elephants Kavala and Lentili. It was when he came across LionAid that he found out about the Canned Hunting and Trophy Hunting 'industry' and the plight of the wild Lion in Africa, something which really shocked him. Through his blog he spreads news of this and other wildlife 'crime' to a large audience. It was with immense pride that when asked by Chris and Pieter, he agreed to become a trustee of LionAid in 2015. He firmly believes in the slogan 'Hunting Is NOT Conservation!