FAQs About LionAid

Frequently Asked Questions about LionAid the charity

Do you really believe, that with 20,000 lions still remaining, that they will be extinct in 10 or 20 years?

Is Lion Aid entirely commited to the cessation of trophy hunting?

Over 4000 wild lion trophies were exported from Africa ( 2002 - 2008), most into the US. How will you stop this slaughter?

What are the major threats to lions, and what will Lion Aid do to alleviate those

What is the difference between Lion Aid and Born Free?

What makes Lion Aid different?

Why do we need yet another charity to support lions? How is Lion Aid going to do anything different?

You say that FIV is a big threat to lion populations. What do you plan to do about that?

You say you are committed to conserving lions. But what about all those other African animals deserving of conservation?