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Let them suffer??


The shocking truth about hunting animals with a bow.

Here is some sickening advice from a hunting forum on how long to wait before you try to recover your “trophy”…

“See em fall, 5-10' [minutes]

Feel good about the shot, arrow looks good (bright bubbly blood all over it) but dont see the [animal] fall, and think you hear it fall: 20-60' [minutes]

Feel ok about the shot, didnt hear or see it fall, arrow has darkish blood on it 4-6hrs.

Pretty sure it was shot in the paunch, arrow may have some blood, some greenish goo or "food chunks" on it... 12 hrs. [meaning 12 hours if you hit the animal in the gut – and by then in all likelihood you will not recover it]”

Animals trophy hunted by bow include: Lions, warthogs, giraffes, buffalos, leopards, monkeys, impala, kudu.. The list goes on....


Why is bow hunting legal in trophy hunting countries in Africa?


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