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LionAid, via our network of concerned individuals, first became aware in 2012 that lions killed in Kenya and Tanzania, supposedly as part of “retaliation” killings for livestock/lion conflicts, began missing body parts. Teeth and claws for example.

Even lions killed in road accidents in Kenya were stripped of body parts.

Initially, we thought that the teeth and claws were taken to sell to tourists in Kenya and Tanzania. After all, there is a vibrant, though illegal, market created by tourists to buy such lion products.

But now, captive bred lions on “farms” in South Africa are being killed (poisoned) to have their paws and heads removed.

We do not know why captive bred lions behind fences in South Africa are killed for the same body parts as in Kenya and Tanzania.

Clearly, there is a market, and we should find out who is behind the creation of this spreading illegal commerce in lion parts that is leading to more deaths of an already highly endangered species.
Click here to read about the latest kilings.

 Picture credit: Africa Geographic

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