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Did you know that some Ethiopian lions are highly likely to be an as yet unidentified and highly important new sub-species of lion and at the present time have probably less than five years before extinction?

This new sub species has already been identified from lions currently residing in the Addis Ababa zoo and with 200 or less wild lions still free ranging in Ethiopia , this new sub species could be even more endangered than the western African and Indian lion, necessitating urgent and immediate conservation action.

 Ethiopia contains a flora and fauna different from the rest of the African continent, likely remnants of plants and animals now extinct in the Middle East. Among 31 endemic mammals, Ethiopia is home to the only true African Wolf and the only representatives of wild African sheep – the Nubian Ibex and the Walia Ibex. Ethiopia is unique, but relatively little international conservation attention and funding has been afforded to this country.

LionAid was requested by prominent Ethiopian partners and members of the Wildlife Authority to engage in a scientifically verifiable lion population count in a number of protected areas as an initial data-provision necessity for the Ethiopian Government to evaluate ways forward for informed lion conservation programmes. This follows on from the LionAid African lion conservation conference held in Johannesburg where Ethiopia was a significant partner.


Together with Carlo Tortora Brayda, the CEO of Gorilla Corporation, H/H Joel Makonnen, Corporate attorney and member of ther Ethiopian Royal Family and Daniel G. Tedros, General Manager of Alchemy World Projects in Ethiopia, LionAid are actively fundraising to begin this vitally important project in the northern and central areas of Ethiopia. In partnership with the Ethiopian Wildlife Department and Provincial Government in Ethiopia we need urgently to :

  • Engage in a scientifically verifiable lion population count in a number of protected areas. 
  • Create a dedicated biological sample storage facility to allow analysis of genetic diversity and disease threats
  • Create a database from recovered data to identify past human/lion conflict levels
  • Assess the risks and trends of illegal trade in lions in and through Ethiopia.


This highly important project is estimated to take two years and will equip the Ethiopian Government with tools necessary to enable them to evaluate ways forward for informed lion conservation programmes.


Please help us create awareness of this project and help us raise the funds necessary to begin the work.

Wherever you are in the world, You can DONATE here through the Big Give or through the DONATE button on our website. For our US donors, we are also able to accept single tax effective donations in excess of $500 through CAF America's Donor Advised Gift (DAG) block grant programme. In order to make this donation, US donors need to fill out either the CAF America Gift Form or by giving online through CAF America

Please make sure that you make the recommendation to CAF America that LionAid (Charity No. 1137606) receives the grant.

However you choose to donate to this urgent project, we thank you in advance for your support. With maybe less than five years before extinction, there is not a moment to lose!



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