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 Derek speaks from the heart about the highly uncertain future of wild lions in Africa and the role that Christian, the captive born lion bought from Harrods in 1969, could still endure to assist the survival of his wild relatives.

Derek muses on the fact that in 1969 there were maybe 250,000 wild lions roaming Africa. Compare that with today when we estimate to have no more than 15,000 scattered wild lions left with the population still declining steadily?

Derek also mentions his concerns about continuing lion trophy hunting as a significant factor in their decline.

Christian captured the hearts of millions when, after being returned to the wilds of Kenya under the care of the legendary George Adamson, re-encountered his original owners John and Ace. Christian also encountered some wild lion females, and might have left some offspring. What better resurrection of a lion bought in a London shop?

Derek documented Christian’s story, from his early life in London, to his final adventures in Africa.

For the 2.6 Challenge, Derek took 26 of his favourite photos of Christian and turned them into a magnificent collage. The signed original will be sold as a magnificent A1 size print (594mm x 841mm) through a silent auction. It will also be available as individually signed prints in A3 format, selling for £400 each. (Email us on to order a copy). These 26 photos are truly wonderful and to own them all in one print is a fantastic idea.

Thank you to all those who have donated to LionAid during this challenge. This appeal continues and hope that more of you will be able to donate in support. Please donate here.

And of course, you can show your support of our wonderful Derek by donating to his 2.6 challenge page here.

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