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Matthew Payne
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Matthew Payne

Matthew Payne

Matthew has donated to our campaign "New Ways Forward for Lion Conservation in Zambia and Kenya".

Thank you Matt!

 Your support is, as always, very much appreciated


New Ways Forward for Lion Conservation in Zambia and Kenya

LionAid will visit Zambia and Kenya to address crucial lion conservation issues.

We will travel to Zambia on June 19th  to address lion conservation issues with various parties, hoping to maintain the lion trophy hunting ban until some serious issues have been sorted out, especially with the disparity between government lion numbers (over 4,500) and our estimates (maybe 850).  There are a number of important lion conservation issues to be addressed especially the need for a nationwide census and the formulation of a national Lion Action Plan.

We will then travel on to Kenya (28th June – 7th July) and will conduct a number of meetings while we are there to benefit lion conservation. Kenya already has a long time ban on lion trophy hunting in place but traditionally suffers from human/lion conflicts and now, in addition, is facing a huge upsurge in lion poaching as the demand for lion bones ( Traditional Chinese Medicine market)  reaches unprecedented levels. We believe Kenya has no more than 1200 lions left across the country. Our aim is to integrate outcomes of meetings with four different groups into an overall strategy to be brought forward, building on consensus to hopefully find formulas for improved lion conservation.

We have launched an appeal for urgent funding for this trip and we are absolutely delighted that the following people have already shown their love of lions by donating to the cause:

Mark Cater 

Rosie Manise

Matthew Payne 

David Corne